Application Open for ABS Open & Youth Nationals

15 Nov

USA Climbing is pleased to announce the Chief Routesetters and application period for National events in the 2014-2015 Season.

ABS Open Nationals: Jeremy Hardin, VA
ABS Youth Nationals: Ian McIntosh, CA
SCS Open Nationals: Bret Johnston, CA
CCS Nationals: Nic Oklobzija, MN
Vail Go Pro Games Citizens: John Oungst, MO
SCS Youth Nationals: John Muse, TX

Please see below for information on the positions available for the upcoming ABS Open and Youth Nationals. Please note: the application periods for the later 2015 events will be announced at a later date – do not email applications for other events until the application period is announced on this page and open for each. The application period is currently open ONLY for ABS Open and ABS Youth Nationals.

If applying for positions at ABS Open or ABS Youth Nationals – Please be sure to review the certification requirement needed to apply for each position before applying. With any questions, contact the Chief Routesetter of the event or Chris Danielson, Chair of the USAC Routesetting Committee at

ABS Open Nationals: February 6 – 7, 2015; Madison, WI
There are four Assistant positions available at ABS Open Nationals, held in Madison, Wisconsin February 6 – 7, 2015. You must have L4 Certification to apply for an Assistant position. Send application to Chief Routesetter Jeremy Hardin at

ABS Youth Nationals: February 13 – 15, 2015; Madison, WI
There are three Assistant, three Apprentice, and two Internship positions available at ABS Youth Nationals, held in Madison, Wisconsin, February 13 – 15, 2015. You must have L4 Certification to apply for an Assistant position, Level 3 to apply for an Apprentice position, and Level 2 to apply for an Internship position. Send application to Chief Routesetter Ian McIntosh at

To apply, download an application from the Resources page and email to the Chief Routesetter of the event.

The deadline for applications is Nov 30th, 2014.

US Routesetters Heading to Mexico for Pan Am!

29 Oct

The Pan American Youth Championships, held every two years and organized by the Pan-American Council of the IFSC, will this year be held in Mexico City, Mexico.

We’re excited to announce that US National Chief, Luke Bertelsen and US National Setter, Dave Wetmore have been selected to be Chief Routesetters for Lead and Bouldering, respectively, and will work with a team from the Mexican Federation to set the event.

Divisional Internships and Level 3 Certification Now Allowed

29 Oct

For the 2014 – 2015 season, the USAC Routesetting Committee has approved a change to the existing certification program. Whereas in past years, Level 3 Certification was only offered to Interns at National competitions, this season we have adjusted the certification program such that Routesetters who successfully complete a Divisional Internship, under specific circumstances, may receive Level 3 Certification.

USAC Divisional Level events represent a high scale of competition organization with the highest level of US competitors who will advance to Nationals. This environment can provide an equally strong learning experience for Interns as our National events and the Routesetting Committee is interested in offering more high quality opportunities for certification advancement.

With this in consideration, we also want Interns to have a similarly challenging experience working at a Divisionals as they might at a National competition, in order to best learn and develop their own skills. This includes having to work in a different environment than the norm and having to travel to work in a gym or with other routesetters they may not know. We also want Interns to have the chance to work with Level 4 or 5 Chief Routesetters who have the highest level of experience at National level events, a strong background working with Interns, and familiarity with the goals of the Routesetting Clinic and Certification Program.

Based on the above, we will offer official Divisional Internships at those Divisionals where there is a Level 5 Chief Routesetter or a Level 4 Chief Routesetter that has been approved by the Routesetting Committee, to oversee an official Divisional Intern. Additionally, routesetters will only be eligible for Level 3 Certification IF they are working at a Divisional outside of their home Division.

This January we will offer Divisional Internships at two ABS Youth Divisionals. Please read below if you are interested and apply directly to the respective Chief Routesetters. With any general questions, contact Chris Danielson, Chairman of the Routesetting Committee at