Level 1 Clinic at InSPIRE Rock after SCS Divisionals

27 Apr

InSPIRE Level 1 Clinic; Houston, TX – June 17th/18th

InSPIRE Rock will be the host for an upcoming public Level 1 Clinic. This year’s SCS Youth National Chief Routesetter John Muse will be the instructor for this clinic and it will be held just two days after the SCS Youth Divisionals at InSPIRE Rock. For coaches who may be coming to the region for the competition, it could be a good opportunity to stay in the Houston area afterwards and participate in the Level 1 Clinic.

A Level 1 Clinic is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in improving their overall routesetting, learning fundamental skill sets for competition routesetting, and taking the first step towards advancing as a USAC competition routesetter. Please go to the CLINICS SCHEDULE page and register directly through the link under the InSPIRE Climbing Clinic announcement.

Application Open for Go Pro Mountain Games, SCS Divisionals and SCS Nationals

11 Apr

USA Climbing is pleased to announce the Chief Routesetters and application period for the Go Pro Mountain Games IFSC Boulder World Cup, Go Pro Mountain Games Citizens Competition, SCS Divisionals Internship, and SCS Youth Nationals Positions.


Go Pro Mountain Games
Jeremy Hardin will be the Chief US Routesetter for this event, working with the IFSC Chief Routesetter Martin Hammerer, and two other IFSC Routesetters. Also at the Go Pro Mountain Games, the Citizen’s Competition will again be held on the Sunday after the IFSC Boulder World Cup, and Nic Oklobzija will be the Chief Routesetter for that event.

SCS Youth Nationals
The SCS Youth Nationals will again be led by Chief Routesetter John Muse.

We are happy to offer a number of positions for qualified competition routesetters at these events. We encourage all Level 2 and higher certified routesetters to apply for these competitions, and you are welcome to apply to multiple events if you are interested. Please apply as soon as possible!

Please be sure to review the certification requirement needed to apply for each position before applying. With any questions, contact the Chief Routesetter of the event or Chris Danielson, Chair of the USAC Routesetting Committee at info@usacsetting.net.

To apply, download an application from the Resources page and email to the Chief Routesetter of the event.

The deadline for Applications is April 21, 2014.


Go Pro Mountain Games IFSC Boulder World Cup: June 6 – 7, 2014 – Vail, Colorado

There is one Assistant position available for the Vail Boulder World Cup. You must have L4 Certification to apply for an Assistant position and should have significant Open National experience in bouldering events. Send application to the US Chief Routesetter for the event, Jeremy Hardin at Jeremy@sportrock.com.

Go Pro Mountain Games Citizens Competition: June 8, 2014 – Vail, Colorado

There is one Assistant and two Internship positions available at the Citizens Competition, held in Vail, Colorado. You must have L4 Certification to apply for an Assistant position, and Level 2 to apply for an Internship position. These positions are unique in that you must be available from May 30th through June 9th, as the event is pre-set prior to the routesetting of the IFSC Boulder World Cup. Send application to Chief Routesetter Nic Oklobzija at climb8b@gmail.com.

SCS Youth Divisionals: June 14 – 15, 2014 – InSPIRE Rock – Houston, Texas

There will be one Internship position available at the SCS Youth Divisional being held in Houston, Texas. This Internship is a great opportunity for those who want to gain experience with Championship level events and who have completed their Level 2 Certification. No additional certification advancement results from interning at a Divisionals event but you will gain valuable experience and the opportunity to work with a Level 5 Chief Routesetter. You must have Level 2 to apply for an Internship position. Send application to Chief Routesetter John Muse at john@stonemoves.com.

SCS Youth Nationals: July 10 – 13, 2014 – Stone Summit Climbing Center – Atlanta, Georgia

There are six Assistant, three Apprentice and three Internship positions available at this year’s Youth SCS Nationals in Atlanta. You must have L4 Certification to apply for an Assistant position, Level 3 to apply for an Apprentice position, and Level 2 to apply for an Internship position. Send application to Chief Routesetter John Muse at john@stonemoves.com.